Rationale Services
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Together, lets build extraordinary things





Business Consulting Services

Transforming enterprises through strategic approach, enhanced customer experiences, innovative operating models and process consulting

Business Strategy & Experience

Our approach from holistic, strategic perspective will align and maximize organizational goals by establishing the right digital strategy, building efficient models and transforming organization capabilities to unleash innovation, creativity and unmatched user experience.


We partner with visionary leaders to define the businesses that will shape the world for years to come. And then we make it happen.

Cognitive Business Solutions

The Cognitive Business Solutions services, combined with Business Strategy & Experience and Big Data & Analytics services, connects organizational data with advance design to develop enriched customer experiences that drive results and fundamentally transform your business.


The Cognitive Business Solutions services spanning across machine learning, NLP, advanced analytics, and data science, all supported by specialists with deep industry understanding.

Big Data & Analytics

There’s data out there that could improve every decision your organization makes, whether it’s choosing a new market to enter, specifying a new product, targeting new user group, or re-engineering internal processes.


Big Data & Analytics services focuses on added business value. The roadmap that we’ll create for you will be prioritized based on demonstrable
business value and will give you a clear picture of the organizational, informational and technological changes needed to embrace Big Data & Analytics, plus a robust business case to support ongoing investments.

Mobile Business Solutions

Embracing the full potential of mobility requires creating a successful mobile strategy. Your business goals and audience goals need to be aligned to your current or planned IT capabilities. Considerations should include the business vision, the capabilities required to close gaps, which mobile use cases offer the highest value to your target audience and your existing mobile strategy.


Additionally, deciding which existing platforms are relevant and which new tools and technologies might be needed is necessary to deliver an achievable strategy.


The Mobile Solutions services will lead you through complete process.

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications services focuses on helping your organization getting the most value out of existing software investments. It enables you to develop comprehensive business solutions built with deep industry expertise that will help you transform your business in the midst of today’s rapidly changing conditions.


Our Enterprise Application services covering SAP, OpenText, IBM Maximo and Esri – ArgGIS enterprise applications.

Business Processes

Today’s competitive market demands for a non conventional kind of business process provider. One that can deliver sustainable competitive advantage through process innovation.


Our Business Process services makes that extra mile by going beyond the bounds of traditional BPO to create value and redefine what it means to be a global business today.


Technology Consulting Services

Start the digital dialogue, and let technology transform your business

Software Engineering

Deep industry and technology expertise we offer will deliver innovative business solutions to address the key goals of your organization. Our model offers a robust, agile and modern approach for both new and existing applications across a variety of platforms and technologies.


Our application development consultants are experts across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices mastering .Net, Swift, Java, and Cross-Platform development to name a few.

Cognitive Solutions

We develop intelligent solutions having built-in human like reasoning capabilities. We combine Machine Learning, NLP, and Advanced Analytics to create extraordinary products varying from Conversational Agents (ChatBot) to a Virtual Assistant.


We can help you embrace the power of Cognitive science and build the products you think never possible before.

Social Data Mining

Unlock potential of hidden data, improve your organization core business, improve your decision making process and establish your brand credibility all with power of Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn APIs.


Services we offer will add agility note to your organization, and keep you on top of the game of your business.

Mobile Solutions

Building a native (Swift or Java) or cross platform (Phone Gap, Xamarin, JavaScript) mobile applications at the speed market is changing, will transform your organization to deliver more relevant and personalized user experiences to the right audience and increase your revenue potential.
Transform your organization from Mobile ready to Mobile empowered.

Enterprise Applications

Maximize your initial investment by building a new or enhancing existing features for SAP, OpenText, IBM Maximo and Esri – ArgGIS enterprise applications.


Even if this means optimizing or re-configuring existing modules, we can help you.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Wether you need experienced Project Manager, or principal C#, Swift or Java developer, for long or short-term engagements, we can help you.


You can use our extensive pool of resources at the schema tailored to match your needs.


Research & Development

Minimize the risk of adopting emerging technologies and extract the best of it

Building Prof of Concepts

A Proof of Concept is a critical first step leading to conceptual development or implementation of new concepts, capabilities or technologies. The POC can be extremely useful tools to demonstrate if and how solutions may fit to the requirements or resolve the problem POC is initiated at the first place.
Our services not only helps build the core foundation for any successful POC but helps you align the effort into existing client-vendor processes making for smoother transitions and implementations.

Enquiring knowledge of a new technology

Introducing technological change into an organization presents a different set of challenges to management than does the work of competent project administration. It is usually long and painful process.


We can make the change as smooth as possible by tailoring a new concepts to your resources according to your needs and demand.

Finding solution for complex problems

Resolving complex problems and finding best fitted technology is what we do for living. We gladly accept and given challenge and we never give up until you are satisfied.


Do you have some challenge for us?


If you like what you see, and/or you believe that together we can do some extraordinary things, connect with us and we can make it happen.